One job, one Service: audio cleaning and restoration

Your audio tracks contain background noises, tape artifacts? CLEAN MY TRACK is here to help!

Just send us your tracks, and our professional sound engineers will clean and restore them so you can enjoy them to their full potential.


This is the only service we provide: it couldn’t be more simple.


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the consequences of our awesome job (social distancing, spontaneous orgasm, alien invasion…).

We Fit to Your Needs


Cleaning Recorded tracks

You recorded your baby’s first word, a bird singing outside or put a recorder in your significant other’s car to catch something incriminating, BUT you have a lot of unwanted background noises.


Restoring old music tracks

You found that old vinyl that you used to listen to every single day, this precious cassette tape of Mickael Jackson’s unknown recording sessions, then you converted them to digital format, BUT there are audio “cracks” everywhere…


Cleaning Voices For Youtube Content

You created an awesome Youtube video, but on the audio side… You recorded your voice in your bathroom, or including the sound of the Mustang passing by when you were showing off down the street.
Yeaaah, you can say that: it SUCKS!


Cleaning Audio Tracks for Video

You are a busy video producer. Your job: shooting drone plans, big weddings or porcupine races all over the world!
BUT you are not the Master of Audio Recording, or you had to shoot in complicated audio environments…


We could tell you all the marketing lies we want, but we can’t fool your ears (could we?..)

Coming Soon

by The White Rabbit | Magic Night

Sounds Great! But How Much Does It Cost???


You have questions about the performance of the show? You want to know what happens behind the curtain?

How the purchase and delivery processes take place?

It is so simple:
– you choose your pack, depending on the duration of the track you want us to clean
– you click on the “Buy Now!” button and follow the payment process
– you arrive on the payment confirmation page
– we come back to you upon receipt of the payment to guide you through the rest of the process.

I want to have multiple audio files cleaned, is it possible?

Of course! You have two solutions:
– take multiple Packs one after the other
– contact us so we can group multiple packs for you and send you a one payment link.

My audio file is longer than 10 minutes, can you work on it anyway?

Absolutely! If you have the full audio session of the next big movie from Hollywood, let’s clean it all!
You just have to contact us to give us more information about your project, and we will come back to you with a proposal fitting your need.

How to send you my audio track?

After the payment process, you will receive an email with all the instructions illustrated with screenshots to guide you through the process.

What format of audio files do you accept?

We accept the following formats: WAV, AIFF, AAC, and if you really have no other option, mp3.
The quality of our work depends on the quality of your original audio file.

What do you do with my audio track?

Once received, your audio track is analysed then cleaned by one of our pro sound engineers.
For us, the human ear is essential in the audio world, and can’t be replaced (yet…) by automatic processes.

How does the refund option work?

After we receive you audio file, one of our pro audio engineer will verify that its quality is good enough to be processed, so we can give you the best result.
If you file doesn’t pass the test, you will receive a notification in your account, and we proceed to the full refund.

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